Thursday, September 18, 2008

AM Show

I went to Amusement Machine Show. I didn't want to play many games, because I have to wait my turn. At the show, many latest games were there. To play those, visitors had to stand in long line. I played some video games and just watched most games.

The best game for me is MechaTraX. In this game, players try to get prises by controlling real robot. The game is called "ROBO CATCHER".

"Fish pond game" is also interesting game. This game machine contains real water and real fishes. It looks pool! Yes, this is real game, not a video game.


Nathan said...

haha! that game is a great change to the classic "claw" I'd like to see that fish game too :) Hey, Minahito - I'm in Japan now, it's so cool, I love it!! School starts on Monday for me. Email me if you want at Hope to hear from you. Also, I think the blog you have bookmarked for me is wrong, here's the one I use

minahito said...

Hi Nathan,

Welcome to Japan! I added URL of your blog. I can tell Japanese Sub-Culture to you, if you like it. We'll get a chance to talk sometime.