Thursday, August 21, 2008

A happy news announced that the game developers community got a new site. that is "a comprehensive library of game development resouces" collects tools, libraries, middleware, engines and books for game development. Especially the site collects 1800 books data!

To get such informations, we can visit In 3D Engines Database of the site, we can search 3D engines by advanced search. And there are many reviews posted by developers who have used those engines. However, 3D Engines Database collects only General 3D Engines or Rendering Engine, so the database doesn't handle middleware --- AI, physics, script engine, file system and so on.

(We can set such key-features as search-conditions to search engines.)

I used Libraries of OGRE Wiki to search such middleware. I keep to recommend this page, but I will need to check also

It's cool that Tools page of contains "File Management" category. The 3D Graphics category might contain new tools like CrazyBump.

I thought that all engines are listed on 3D Engines Database, but shows some engines that I didn't know. For example, I didn't know "3D Adventure Studio", "3D Game Maker" and etc. Because those engines are "Construction Tool for specific genre", 3D Engines Database did not list those. I like construction tools, so will become my favorite site.

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