Sunday, July 20, 2008

Package_Legacy 2.1.5 RC3 Release!

We have just released RC3 to test some additional bug fixes. If those patches will not cause any troubles, we will release the stable edition next week.

Now, some new fixes and new reports were submitted since 2.1.5 RC1. We kept efforts to check those and commit, but the project can not release "2.1.5" one of those days if we keep such a activity. The reason why we decided to release 2.1.5 is that 2.1.4 needs hot fix. But, our 2.1.5 RC schedule is 1 month. We should not reschedule to a later date. Therefore, maybe we will release 2.1.6.


Nathan said...

I was searching about japanese dictionaries on google, and your blog showed up in the search results from one of your posts waaaay back in 2006. You seem like a really cool guy though - programming video games!! That sounds so cool. I'm coming to Tokyo in September and staying there for a year to study at waseda. i'm super excited!

minahito said...

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you are interested in Japan & my blog that is written in poor English. I bookmarked your blog. Welcome to Japan!