Saturday, May 3, 2008

OGRE 3D moves their source code repository from CVS to SVN

OGRE 3D, that has a project model that the XOOPS Cube project referred to, moved their source code repository from CVS to SVN. We are using CVS now, because it's possible to manage a range of access right of comitters who are assigned to each modules on CVS. We imitated a project model of OGRE and imported this scheme. But, they got to use SVN, so we'd better check how OGRE 3D uses SVN.

Some programers don't want to check the repository of XOOPS Cube, because they are ashamed to use CVS, whatever the repository stores. I don't understand such an obsessiveness that great programers have, but it's good that XOOPS Cube will get to cover the pride of them, if SVN can run our project model.

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