Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to forward the official web site (beta)?

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Why the official web site is beta?
Because we will not use dynamic web site in this time. In other words, we don't use CMS on the server. Instead of CMS on the server, we will use RapidWeaver that is static CMS. web server is not light and not enough to run XCL. I plan to use another BASE of XOOPS Cube for the official web site, but the BASE is under development. So we will use RapidWeaver for three months. In addition, because we need to research other CMS, it's useful for us to use RapidWeaver well.

How to forward (progress) it?
I will post a draft of the official web site to the specific page of Wiki in Japanese at 1th, June. The reason why the first draft is written in Japanese is that we have to prepare must informations instead of that is the top page rank of Japan and can not prepare enough informations for users.

Please don't translate the page from Japanese to other language for 2 weeks, because the first draft will be changed from my poor document to the second draft. You don't need to use time to translate the first draft. In addition, the Japanese edition has links to Japanese web sites. So contributors who are good at both English and Japanese will translate the second draft to English. After then, let's improve the English edition together.

I think to allow that the English edition and the Japanese edition may have a little difference. My poor English has given damages to the community, but contributors who are good at both English and Japanese will take a balance. Anyway, because the project is full of active members and contributors, we can take new way that is different from old way.

Will the official web site have forums?
No. Our forums already exist at the project page. And, each language edition provides links to local communities like for end users. Because the role of the project is software development, we will keep the web site small. But, the next web site will be better than the current web site that is a static web page and have only links.

What a web site should I image as the goal?
That's (plus a little of that doesn't have forums. As you know, XOOPS Cube has refered to OGRE3D for the basic architecture and the project model. Our project is anarchy policy and different from OGRE3D, but the informations that we should provide at each official web site are equaled.

Will the English edition feed back to the Japanese edition?
Yes, of course. Two editions can have a little difference on expressions, but the basic of them has to be equaled.

Where will we discuss the content of the draft? wiki provides the comment feature to us. The feature is good discussion board. After the English draft page will be made, we will become able to discuss it at the comment feature.

Can I translate from the English edition to other language?
Yes, you can. That's freedom. Our web site will be under GFDL or other free license, so you translate it to the place that you hope --- or each local communities.

But, it's bad idea to read the translation source with software translation service. Translate from only the English edition. Perhaps, the English edition will be sure. Because other language editions have to keep expressions and links for each country or law of them within linguistic area, such pages are not good as translation base.

We will start from the Japanese edition, but finally the Japanese edition will not be good translation source because of a strange circumstance of Japan.

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