Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Important Test at 2.1.4 RC

We did not get reports about important test items at 2.1.4 RC, except Request#1914552(this request was rejected by the contributor). I thought that I have to check unreported items. However, the report about #1709886 was submitted to xoopscube.jp. A status of other items is the following:
  • #1779754 is not reported.
  • #1912990 was reported in some cases. But, I got reports that some modules can not be worked at 2.1.4. I think the cause of those troubles is #1912990.
  • #1729813 is not reported.
I may be able to check issue of SSL-login by the post of xoopscube.jp. So I'll check also #1779754. But, the reason why I could not check #1709886 is that I don't know how to setup SSL environment on my local PC for test. Please, someone tell me how to do it. :(

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