Saturday, April 26, 2008

The future plan of XOOPS Cube (1)

The following is the history of Dragon Quest (you know as Dragon Warrior) that is the most popular RPG in Japan:
  • Dragon Quest I 1986 NES
  • Dragon Quest II 1987 NES
  • Dragon Quest III 1988 NES
  • Dragon Quest IV 1990 NES
  • Dragon Quest V 1992 SNES
  • Dragon Quest VI 1995 SNES
  • Dragon Quest VII 2000 PlayStation
  • Dragon Quest VIII 2004 PlayStation2
  • And, Dragon Quest IX 2008 NintendoDS

PHP is the most popular environment for rental servers in at least Japan. It's easy to start XOOPS Cube on rental servers, because these servers provide PHP environment. However, if PHP will become minor environment in the future, we'd port XOOPS Cube to other environment. XOOPS Cube doesn't have a duty to share PHP's future.

The reason why Square Enix,Inc has chosen the target console of DragonQuest is not agreement to hardware spec and hardware design. They have always chosen just popular game console. That is logical choice for package developers.

Perhaps, the next popular environment for OSS web application is Ruby. I thought that was .NET. When Ruby will be the popular environment for rental servers, we will port XOOPS Cube to Ruby. When PHP become minor, it's no better that your web programing skill is blocked by share of environment.

The activity of XOOPS Cube organizes the architecture and the feeling of program. If there are the same architecture, the same feeling and the same structure of DB, it's easy to port core and some modules.

You may have different opinion. So I will write about my thought of programming languages also tomorrow. Anyway, porting is far future story.

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