Sunday, March 23, 2008

Intel Threading Building Block

Intel Threading Building Block (TBB) is the C++ template library for parallel processing. That is made for PC applications. But, Intel had the speech about this at GDC. So Intel may think that TBB is useful for game programing. There is worth that we research this.

I heard about a part of TBB at GDC. I imagined that Intel Theading Building Block is the intel edition of SPURS and that's not useful for game console, because major game consoles don't have Intel CPU. But, TBB is independent library, tied to pthread and boost thread and usable with PowerPC architecture like Mac OS X.

TBB makes it possible to change Logical Task Programming to parallel processing. That's interesting very much. But, it's impossible to use the library with heterogeneous multi-core like PS3. There is a bit possibility to use it with Xbox 360.

TBB is dual licenses, you may use TBB freely by GPL. I bought the book published by O'Reily and read this for the time being.

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