Thursday, March 6, 2008

Distributions show up and go next

The HD distribution has been released. Congratulation! This release is the important point for us. XOOPS Cube has been designed as the base model for expert customizing, distributions and new BASEs. But, nobody proved it, so many users think Package_Legacy is only one package as like XOOPS2 "official" package and have requested that the project stops developing Core (our true goal) and develops Legacy.

Here is one more important thing. The project had been talking the direction of the project, but it was not understood for a long time. The cause is that I am not good at explanations.

But, today, the HD distribution is practicing the direction of the project. I don't need to explain the same thing many times. The HD distribution is liked by Japanese users. And, other distributions will show up. Good.

Only one package needs political power for the conflict of requests. Mr,A likes a module that Mr,B dislikes. Mr,A wants a simple package that doesn't have any modules, but Mr,B wants a package that collects useful modules that contains a certain module that Mr,A dislikes. Here are two solutions. The project rules everything as god(*). Or, it makes everything free.

As you know, the project took "Anarchy". If you want "god style", you may go to

However, it's weak point that distribution development is not easy, even if Legacy is too old architecture and not ideal of the project. The project has to progress the examination of "Manifesto" and releases sample downloader/uploader. I said this is one of the most important spec. But the development was not done because a few developer had to face many ToDo like Legacy.

If automatic maintainance tool exists, it's become easy to develop distribution. Simple distribution may be just a "Manifesto" file that lists recommended modules. It's project's task to organize a underbody, like Manifesto and up/download mechanism.

Anyway, by some distributions, I became able to concentrate to core development. I want to come home early.

(*) In XOOPS, a inactive developer becomes a god.

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