Monday, February 11, 2008

Namespace List of XBOX .Net compact framework

The following is namespace list of .NET compact framework that we can use in XBOX. The list is not on the help for some reason.
  • System
  • System.CodeDom.Compiler
  • System.Collections
  • System.Collections.Generic
  • System.Collections.ObjectModel
  • System.Collections.Specialized
  • System.ComponentModel
  • System.Configuration.Assemblies
  • System.Diagnostics
  • System.Diagnostics.CodeAnalysis
  • System.Globalization
  • System.IO
  • System.Net
  • System.Reflection
  • System.Resources
  • System.Runtime.CompilerServices
  • System.Runtime.InteropServices
  • System.Runtime.Serialization
  • System.Security
  • System.Security.Permissions
  • System.Security.Policy
  • System.Text
  • System.Text.RegularExpressions
  • System.Threading
  • System.Xml
  • System.Xml.Schema
  • System.Xml.Serialization
  • System.Xml.XPath
  • System.Xml.Xsl

System.Runtime.Serialization is available, so we can use memory alignment. :)

BTW, I found the list in MSDN, but it is bad page because MSDN show two panes for Japan users. Do you know that MSDN shows a bad page like this to a part of users?

MSDN supplies excellent documents, but that's bad looks and tricky to use. The left window shows an original content written in English. The right window shows translated content by machine for Japanese. Of course, translated contents are poor quality because a machine translation is used. And, that's slow! It takes twice time to translate contents.

It's sure that I am not good at English, but I don't want to see such a bad page. :(

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