Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And, it's Japanese New Year vacation (正月休み). I came back to Hiroshima that my parents live in. My mother made osechi (お節) that is traditional Japanese New Year food. She skipped some kinds of foods because we are three, but that's enough deluxe!
In Japan, each region has different format of osechi. This is zouni (雑煮). In our region, we use oysters for zouni, because Hiroshima is the famous oysters production area.
My present for my parents is the AQUOAS HD hard-disk recorder.

After a week, I will return to my battle field Tokyo!

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Nuno Luciano said...

Family and very healthy food!
Happy holidays. Life is good ^^

- Bon appétit et bonne année!