Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Programers' activity without programing?

Do you know why I am taken as a main developer of XOOPS Cube? The reason is that I have written many programs than others. Do you know why my idea became XOOPS Cube core? The reason is that there were only one core program candidate.

It may have been my mistake. I wanted to progress research & development by only writing code, because I didn't know other ways. But that may be a tradition way of only video game programers. These days, I heard a certain warning.

"Business programers world is different from ours. There are many kinds of occupation and many kinds of job class. For example, there are System Engineer and Programer. System Engineer is the upper class than Programer and is an architect who develops software without programing. Such the occupation doesn't exist in our world. If you call them 'programer', some of them will feel affronted and will become irate. In their world, Programer often means Keypuncher. Take care."

This warning gave deep impact to me. I knew 'System Engineer' as a term, but didn't know their duty.

I had thought that it was a right way that I began programing as first step when forked XOOPS Cube project decided to write a new core. Of course, I wished that my draft became the current XOOPS Cube core. Meanwhile, I felt good luck & mystery, because although onokazu decided to develop a new core, he did not write programs for a new core.

There were many people who asserted ideas. But they did not write any kinds of draft --- program, document, HTML, illustration and so on. There were not other drafts, so my draft became a new core automatically. I thought that is just the cosmic rule, but that may be local rule.

Finally, XOOPS Cube 0.9 and XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 were released without counterproposals. That may be the result that I have ignored Japanese IT software development standard method and its hierarchy.

However, I don't think that the traditional rule of IT software development obtains in open source world, because none-action activity can not complete anything unless they employ programers.

Many open source projects want your hands, not your mouths. Ah! I have to stop using alien phrases like this. It sounds like provocative remark. Um...

Anyway I get to understand that it means no harm, even if some engineers do nothing. My behavior is based on my occupation. Also their behavior is based on their occupation. If their wishes are not being the upper class in also XOOPS Cube, they will begin contributing something.

I had misunderstood as the following until that time.
  • Programer ... write programs
  • System Engineer ... prepare machines & network
So I thought that our industry doesn't have SE...


Nuno Luciano said...

There was some fun but also sadness reading this. For most "constructions" we remember the architects - people with ideas, who speak - and we forget those who built with their hands and dont have nothing to say. Sure, give credits where credits are due maybe is not enough...

Maybe all depend of a cosmic rule
And I would say, one's rule depend from hazard ^^

Hazard is an Old English game played with two dice which was mentioned in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in the 14th century. The name "hazard" derives from the Arabic word az-zahr (زهر), the plural of "dice. ...

But for sure, i would prefer to keep a play team spirit.

Take a rally competition...

Who will win the World Rally Championship?


People will remember the car builder, rally driver and some, his navigator... as winners of the world championship. At the same time you give your team, engineers and mechanicians the opportunity to get some visibility. All Win!

Wonder of a Kuroko destiny ^^

minahito said...

I think ... they just like to beat their gums. Even if they are an architect, I have never seen their plan.