Saturday, December 29, 2007

mac mini came to home instead of iMac

It's a long story.

I have a friend who work at the electronics store. He is from the same province as me and is the same Carp fun as me. This winter, the poor baseball team came into a boil. Two star athletes considered leaving from the Carp by using FA. I discussed it with him.

I: "I believe Mr. Arai and Mr. Kuroda. They will decide to remain."

He: "Impossible. They are in two minds. It means that they don't have the reason why they remain. They will leave from the Carp. So the Carp will be end."

I: "They are really hero of Hiroshima, so they will decide to remain and will become the winner as a player of the Carp at the next season. Bet your butt. If Arai or Kuroda will go, I will buy high-price computer from your store. But if both of them will remain, I will buy nothing from your store next year."

And, both of them have gone. There is no justice in the world.

By this promise, I had to buy a computer with 200,000 JPY and greater. I promised him to buy iMac with 198,000 JPY and went to his prefecture. However, he said that his store can not handle Apple products. "Tell me first!"

Instead of iMac, I had to buy something as much as 200,000 JPY, to keep faith with him. Such electrical appliances are few. My choice was sony HDD/Blu-ray recorder. After a few days, I bought a new mac mini to exchange with PowerPC mac mini/XP, because my budgets were slashed.

This new mac mini has enough CPU to better my life, but the graphics spec is GMA 950 and only shared 64MB VRAM. The shader model of GMA 950 is 2.0, but it doesn't have VertexShader and emulates it with software. For not less than a year, I can't pursue GPU programing in my home, because I'm too busy from next month to March 2009. So the poor GPU spec will not be a big problem. But I'm sorry that I can't play rich PC games like Crysis.

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Nuno Luciano said...

I bet you will have fun with new mac and new OS ^^

All over the world, it seems that business is taking over passions.

Is that players career plan? Or the Agents ambition? How MLB Teams Should Evaluate Japanese Free Agents? And Is the MLB destroying Japan's national pastime?

Well, we are preparing the Euro 2008 which should keep many people busy. But to be honest, it seems to be only another good 'business plan' for the new coming year. More than 'game spirit' people will pay for 'secure and well managed entertainment'...

People pay for emotional experiences, specific and known feelings. Expecting some excitement from foreseeable situations. Paying to repeating the infamous "I knew that was going to happen!...".
Yep, no big surprises! Everybody feel secure with such predictable events.

Maybe I'm missing the old days ^^
When get back into the field, after an injury ,was a question of will and passion, not just run for cash. When hope was present until the last minute and the victory comes in the last fought second. I still remember - Never give up!

Nowadays, everything seems to be under 'business control', following a written script, games become 'video games', sport becomes a 'tv show'. We know the way and how it will end. It is all about how to tell or show it... that matters!