Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tokyo Contents Market 2007

Government of Japan tries to tie up exhibitors with publishers and capitals, through this event, Tokyo Contents Market 2007.

Exhibitors can put their booth presenting their contents by about 5,000 JPY. Publisher and Capitals visit this event to find out good partners. Yes, this is the big chance for personal/small content creators. I visited this event to obtain their powers, with old co-worker animators and friend capital.

Roppongi-Hills is one of the most popular riche places in Japan.

Is that the Tower of Babel?

Because this event is "No Cameras", so I can't show the atmosphere of the event to you. Sorry.

However, there were not things you should see. The event was NOT filled with excitement. Creators should have excitement anytime anywhere. The event was very quiet than funeral. Were exhibitors sad?

Next week, I'll introduce another event of this week.

BTW, the surprising event was there. When I was going to leave from the event, a man looked at me and said: "Are you XOOPS Cube Developer minahito?"

I was surprised. I didn't imagine hearing 'XOOPS' word there. He came from Nagoya and was the exhibitor presenting secondlife's contents.


Nuno Luciano said...

Wow. Nice shot !

Well, in Switzerland, there's no big towers
(thinking about what happen to us towers, maybe it's not a bad idea)
Instead, Switzerland have the biggest mountains of Europe. That's safer ^^
By the way someone made a nice joke:
You know how swiss call a Cube?
- A safe!

Everything and everybody seems quite nowadays. I think it is time to prepare innovation and creativity ^^

René Sato said...

[en]I know the building, because I am often in Japan. (I have searched the large spider, as it is a meeting place. However, the spider is so great that one of the spider only detects the distance.) Everything is very big and the people are very small. Actually, we should not recognize. This is really a great chance when people recognize. Great.[/en]

[de]Ich kenne das Gebäude, weil ich oft in Japan bin. (Ich habe die große Spinne gesucht, da es ein Treffpunkt ist. Jedoch ist die Spinne ist so groß, das man die Spinne nur von der Ferne erkennt.) Alles ist dort sehr groß und die vielen Menschen wirken sehr klein. Eigentlich sollte man keinen wieder erkennen. Das ist wirklich ein großer Zufall wenn sich Menschen erkennen. Großartig.[/de]