Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Get new XBOX, and Rescue the universe

When I released 2.1.2, deliveryman visited my home with new Xbox 360 and Halo 3 from Amazon.

Maybe, god said "Good job. Now, let's enjoy playing".

I removed hard disk unit from my broken Xbox, and equipped it to "core system". After that, I began Halo3 and rescued the universe from enemies. Hard disk unit is a part of the frame of Xbox hardware, and it's easy to remove and equip.

"core system" doesn't equip hard disk and wireless controller. These equipments are already here, so I didn't need "standard system". "core system" is low price than "standard system". That's about 30,000 JPY. When I visited Amazon.co.jp, it was handling unsold core system premium pack which is supplied with "Trasty Bell". That was low price than Wii! So I bought my "second" Xbox and my "second" Trasty Bell.

Of course, I sent my "first" Xbox to Microsoft to repair it. But, it needs many days. I can't taike it! Xbox is must! So I bought the second in exhange for food budget. I have to be eating only pure rice while this month.

Xbox 360 supplies good time to gamers who truly love playing game. I didn't have booted my PS3 while broken Xbox is here. Plus, I can check many latest technologies and excellent game designs on Xbox. That's happy & research time.

Well, Halo3 is exactly perfect game!

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