Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Core Team was Dead

Wow, that's sad title. Don't mind. This entry says about the current XOOPS Cube project style you know.

I had announced the current development style of the XOOPS Cube project many times, but many users misunderstand it or don't know it. Perhaps the cause is my poor English. I'm sorry.

Now, the XOOPS Cube 'core' team doesn't exist. I think this is a kind of open source development styles. In addition, old members who were known as 'core member' can not work as an active volunteer for XOOPS Cube now by each reasons. In other words, the XOOPS Cube project is an empty.

If you think there is the team and submit something to us, I, minahito shall handle it, in the most case. Because the project has few active volunteers now. Most tasks are not shared by plural persons well.

I have many category tasks, so I can not concentrate to one thing. In a word, I'm incapable now.

The XOOPS Cube needs your help as the active volunteer like me, but is not able to help you. The project is progressed by current active volunteers. You already may be 'core member', and may not be 'core member'.

I am a person and can not act like the team which has plural active volunteers.

I say again. The core team was dead. Understand the fact and new development style. If you see a phantom of the core team, the XOOPS Cube project can not progress.

Well, what future will XOOPS Cule get? I think there are some groups which will be recognized as new 'core point' by users. They will progress the project directly. For more informations, visit to the wiki page "Get Involved" which is an important content explaining all.

I can not visit communities everyday and can not see all topis in these communities. The tracker system exists so that we can not forget important things. Let's use the tracker system well. I will become busy very much in a few days.


Nuno Luciano said...

That's a true sad title which many people would fear or positively react ;-)

Personally, i think the core team has done an amazing job with legacy to release a great code. It is alike a championship which finishes with an easy victory.

It's time to improve User Interface and XCL design by releasing new graphics and themes.

While that developers should take some time to do what they like to do. Sometimes we need to be under pressure and sometimes we just need to feel free of strict tasks to innovate!

I hope with such freedom, people will be creative and friendly sharing new modules, tools and themes over support sites.

minahito said...

Because many Japanese users think that the core team is there, I had to name impressive title for Japanese edition of this entry. Japan and others have difference. I hope to submit the same content in both of English and Japanese, so it's difficult to write entries on this blog. :)

As you said, I think the core team had worked greatly. However, some members of the team could not work enough, because they were busy. Some members became busy. The core team was becoming unmanned team gradually.

Because we thought "the concept of the core team is not freedom" from first, we stopped the core team style when XCL was released. In addition, 1-2 members worked for XCL 2.1.0, in that time. Numbers of the core team member was over than 10.

Many Japanese users still think that members over than 10 work for XCL. By that, their requests are very heavy. :(

They don't hope to do something as volunteers. And they want only the high-quality product not freedom. For that, they order me to "WORK".

...Japanese love profit. Japanese don't love true freedom, because they are not protected....

Anonymous said...

I folloied I work done for XCL with good eyes. But I was hindered to
help when in the truth this requested age. I appreciate its Minahito
work very and sincerely I had much hope with the XCL. Some
collaborating users or can exactly contaminate an excellent project
with are the XCL. A rotten mace contaminates the entire box. If to
eliminate the rotten mace, all the remaining portion of the box will go
to remain. Here a good friend of xoops speaks and of who he carries
through a good and positive work. GibaPhp. : -)

in portuguese:

Eu acompanhei o trabalho feito para XCL com bons olhos. Apenas eu fui impedido de ajudar quando na verdade isto era solicitado. Eu aprecio muito seu trabalho Minahito e sinceramente eu tinha muita esperança com o XCL. Alguns usuários or colaboradores podem mesmo contaminar um ótimo projeto com é o XCL. Uma maça podre contamina a caixa inteira. Se eliminar a maça podre, todo o resto da caixa irá permanecer. Aqui fala um bom amigo de xoops e de quem realiza um trabalho bom e positivo. GibaPhp. :-)

Thanks for all work Minahito, continue.