Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm feeling that there are two kinds of open source projects. One of them is that shared projects for business by business. Another one is that shared projects for hobby by hobby, like XOOPS Cube.

Anyway, many volunteers work on projects. It's NOT easy that they keep their free time for volunteer activities. They must work for their company and their family. And they have their other hobby.

However, if volunteers put their matter before the project always, volunteer activities are NOT realized. In the project having few active member, volunteers have to use too much time to cover many tasks. In such case, real activities --- programming --- can not progress.

I often receive mails which request to work as like a labor limited by the rule from Japanese XOOPS community's users. But, I had already been a labor who has to do many tasks from bug track proxy reporter to document writer. Many Japanese may think that's no problem, but some Japanese volunteers runs to get back my happiness about open source. Thank you very much! I will do more tasks to contribute for the community with them.

I was released from many tasks this year by many friends. Thank you very much!

All foreign friends are active volunteers and my spiritual support!


Nuno Luciano said...
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Nuno Luciano said...

The last ten years, I met people from all around the world, friendly sharing their knowledge and free time on open source projects. And i've made good friends.

But since some time we have seen many big companies investing on open source, and many more have follow... we had to face cupidity.
That was a first thing sad.

Until a small group start XOOPS Cube with its own philosophy based on open source spirit. Instead the old place B2B, the new one was more powerful with its Hummain To Humain. And it made sense... since the beginning that I kept the same signature :

"I like people more than machines or money. But that's me!
Lets do something good and great: Lets do open source! "

I believe we don't have to reproduce our capitalist system in its decline, nor reproduce such cupidity behavior. We can try different community approaches on the web. In a way I would try to change the world for the next generation.

Thank you All that have made XOOPS Cube Legacy exist.

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