Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I will change to another company

July 2007 was the most important period for me. I decided my next company. Because I had to pass the company entrance exam, I could not work nothing for XOOPS Cube and other open source in this month.

Next month, I will need some amount of time to shake down. Therefore I will not be able to do something for XOOPS Cube.

However, many developments started in XOOPS Cube. Hoda-juku started the distribution package which contains major modules and settings. That is the first distribution package in XOOPS Cube.

Anybody develops XOOPS Cube, because that's just open source. This page explains how to get involved.

My job is not web development. So I can not use much time for XOOPS Cube development. Even if I have free time, I have to consider whether I should use all time for XOOPS Cube.

Last year, I have put XOOPS Cube before everything --- my life. Because XOOPS Cube was baby and needs many acts. (And, XOOPS Cube was closed a little those days)

This year, I'll put my life before XOOPS Cube.

I believe that many friends who like web will enhance XOOPS Cube, with existing contributors including me. XOOPS Cube is open source project, not personal project. It needs your acts and a part of your free time.


Nuno Luciano said...

Dear Minahito,

Busy days, important decisions and big changes for many of us. Alike everybody, i'm sure that XOOPS Cube baby will evolve peacefully and will be appreciated by many people.
You have been a great open source contributor, friendly sharing your knowledge for free. I learn a lot from you and i sincerely wish you all the best.

I hope that, time to time, we'll meet on the cyberspace, why not, at

Good Luck with your new company.
Enjoy your life, have Fun !

minahito said...

Hi gigamaster,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I don't hope to leave from XOOPS Cube. But, my job is video game devlopment. So I have to use my free time to learn video game. It is also my hope.

However, the current XOOPS Cube is open source and public project. I am a member of contributors. Even if I don't use most time for XOOPS Cube, I think there is not any problems.