Wednesday, April 11, 2007

XNA like C++ wrapper

I has developed Buddha which is C# simple scene graph library for a long time. But, since XNA was released, I have to change this project for XNA. I already have rewritten many code...

And now, I'm challenging to develop C++ wrapper for XNA users. That's BuddhaCpp. But, perhaps, Microsoft is developing the same library as BuddhaCpp's concept...

Buddha series is BSD licence and is development on I don't have stored BuddhaXNA code on sourceforge, yet. But, BuddhaCpp is still first status, and is stored on sourceforge.

It will be possible to program with XNA feeling. For example;


VertexBuffer* pVB = NULL;
pVB = new VertexBuffer(mGraphic->GetGraphicDevice(),
   3 * sizeof(CUSTOMVERTEX),

pVB->SetData(Vertices, sizeof(Vertices));


Drawing case:

void YourGame::Draw(GameTime gameTime)
    PrimitiveType::TriangleList, 0, 1);

Wow, XNA like....!? :D


Well, I hope to move Buddha project to or CodePlex. But, Buddha is religious name. Because, we, Japanese people are irreligionist. We live by animism. Therefore, we feel the great spec from "Buddha" which is the great existence of Buddhism. But, Buddha is the avatar of Vishnu. This name should not be used to a name of software. I have to think a new name before I move the project to the international world.

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Brian Schwind said...


I know this post is very old, but I was wondering if you ever made any progress on it. Please let me know! (You probably don't look at this blog anymore :( )