Sunday, April 8, 2007

Carp VS Swallows (1)

This is the first watching baseball of mine this year.
The Jingu Stadium is very good stadium to watch a baseball.
This staduim is the home stadium of swallows, but there are many many carp supporters than swallows supporters.
Today's game is very long time. But, lastly, Carp won!


Nuno Luciano said...

I came across a blog about the Japan’s two professional baseball leagues that opened its 2007 season in mars. On this blog I read about many similarities between the Japanese and the American game. But the most interesting was to learn about their differences.

The newer, Pacific League in Japan, uses a designated hitter, like the American League, and like the National League, the older, more traditional Central League doesn’t use a DH. Both countries have teams named the Giants and the Tigers. The Hiroshima Carp uniforms look exactly like those of the Cinicinati Reds, and the Chunichi Dragons’ uniforms are the same as the L.A. Dogers’, except for the CD monogram on their caps, which looks similar to the SD on the San Diego Padres’ caps. There are two or three American players on just about every Japanese team, and many American teams have one or more Japanese players on their rosters.

To learn more i'm visiting :


minahito said...


I'm glad that you are interested in Japan baseball. And, you may learn Japanese spirit from Japan baseball.

For example, Carp is poor baseball team, because Carp has been made as citizen baseball team. Japan baseball is not fair, so rich baseball team is very strong. Japan baseball doesn't have the same system as MLB. Money is strong. That's Japan hidden spirits....

However, Carp has players who have another spirit. Last year, our ace pitcher 'Hiroki Kuroda' did not execute his FA. He has chosen Carp than other teams which have many money. That's Japan spirits, too.

Therefore, many Carp fans visit to the stadium to cheer our players. I believe that it is one part of rewards for Carp players who can not get enough money.

Nuno Luciano said...


Quite similar to European football league. There are huge amounts of money on the circuit of players market. Much more money with TV and sponsors. There are also some popular video games as Pro Manager and some others arcade with famous players.

On one side we have the Big Clubs with billions and the other side the clubs with forming young players. Sometimes it looks like the old roman gladiators fighting on the arena to distract the population... and because i was a player sometime ago, i think we lost the best of "sport" and fair-play spirit.

Hopefully there are clubs and players to show us that the spirit of the sport survive.

Maybe there should be a game based on that instead make business cash.