Thursday, March 8, 2007

XOOPS Cube Community Style & its architecture

I decided to talk about XOOPS Cube in Open Source Conference Tokyo, again. Because I have not written many documents, that is meaning that I betray many users who can not go to Tokyo.

But, I will use this time as a chance to carry the XOOPS Cube concept to hot users. If some of them will get it, they will get to act to carry it to other users.

For users who have seen for a long time, the XOOPS Cube concept is difficult to understand. I have called it "true freedom" or "anarchism". And, XOOPS Cube has been designed to come true them.

The XOOPS Cube architecture is based on the OGRE architecture, which is able to exchange each major logic. These architectures are useful to share parts with other users. In other words, these architectures are "The Architecture for Sharing".

For example; In OGRE, users don't need to fight for whether OGRE takes Quadtree or Octree. Because a user can choose his best from the major plural add-on. And, everybody can develop them --- exchangable managers.

Therefore, OGRE is the minimum core. And, because OGRE receives every idea as exchangable unit, OGRE is large community.

The community which takes many ideas and many developers may be Chaos, if the community handles only one program. But, "exchangable spec" protects each region. And, every developer can choose "fork" than "fight", and can choose "act" than "big-mouth", without leaving the community.

Results are community property. And, everybody who don't act lose the ability to control community..., even if they are founders. "Authority" will disappear.

Of course, the central developer exists in XOOPS Cube. Their mission protects the XOOPS Cube "minimum core" architecture to keep interfaces for sharing. And, they are member of the community also. They enjoy developing modules, tools and others.

Users don't need to remember their name. Because they are not the community ruler and not the dominator.

It seems that the central leader doesn't exist on XOOPS Cube. Yes, this community style don't allow the existence of stupid leaders, too.


When you walk on clean road which doesn't have empty cans, do you need to know a name of a citizen who picked up cans? You don't. You may act on your conscience as well as him.


The first dev team will move the repository from Japan to International, and will disappear. And, this ideal style will be started.

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