Monday, February 19, 2007

You should write more PHP programs

You should write more PHP programs, because PHP environment is easy way of developing something. Saying "easy" may be rude to professionals. But, PHP environment is really easy, it's stress-release for programers who are caught in an end game.

I don't develop XOOPS Cube recently, because I'm too busy in my company. My work is real-time process program development. That's difficult ... ummm ... or perplexing, and a pile of methodology. For the work, I have to lose much time. When I come back to XOOPS Cube development, I amaze that PHP is very easy and kind.

Test is very easy. Also retry is very easy (Press F5). If testing PHP program is the standard, testing my program is freeze. One short index file makes it possible to test some function. I can start to test some function in 5-30 minutes. I think to need compile, but it's good that PHP doesn't have cross-compile. That's troublesome!

In addition, a web programing doesn't need speed to process logic correctly. Therefore, developers can write all code with clean code at the beginning. After that, they may begin to speeding up their program. But, a real-time processing need minimum-speed to process quantity survey correctly, from the start. That's exciting, but I feel heavy, because I have to write many unclear optimized code without logic arrangement.

I think that many programers should write PHP program (especially XOOPS Cube) as stress-release. I believe that XOOPS Cube needs various programers. Because, open source allows strange programs which are written as stress-release. And, programers can get the purpose to share results in PHP which is "another world" for them.

But, in fact, script programing is difficult. It needs special technic. When you feel it, you may go back to your office to do your work for stress release. ;)

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