Friday, February 9, 2007

D3Forum launched on XUGJ

XUGJ (XOOPS User Group Japan) has exchanged Q&A Forum with d3forum. Excellent!

Old Q&A forum had used plzXoo which is like "Yahoo Answers". But, excellent forum is good for Q&A. For example, MSDN and other technical forums doesn't use "Yahoo Answers".

D3Forum has review feature. That's really useful and my favorite, because it is like MSDN "Was this post helpful ?".


mikhail said...


the XUGJ website is down? I'm creating a new section in xc brasil with translated headlines from XUGJ, but I can't access


minahito said...

Hi Mikhail,

What headline URL do you use? The XUGJ is not down, but the headline may be down. I'm going to ask. For that, I need the URL you use.

minahito said...

Hi Mikhail,

I found some topics about this problem in XUGJ. Unfortunately, the server that XUGJ hosts denies access from some countries (probably including your country). XUGJ uses free hosting service for keeping their activity a long time. The free hosting service often has to take foolish policy. XUGJ may change denying of the server by XUGJ's setting. Or, you may be able to use "pipe" of other sites. I'll check those, so come to this comment again.