Wednesday, April 12, 2006

About me


My nickname is "minahito". I'm a video game programer in Tokyo, Japan. My interests at my job are productivity, scene graphics and interactive. The project which I work on is for PS3. It is not too busy now, so I am allowed to try various things.

Family: bachelorhood
Location: Tokyo
My Interest: Program, Movie, Baseball, Marathon and Games
Program Language: Assembly, C, C++, C#

Program is the best friend of mine. My interests for program languages are not a wide spectrum. The important thing for me is whether a program language can build interactive exciting game presenting nice graphics. Even if some program language is excellent scientifically, it doesn't get to my heart if the language is not good at video game development.

Game is my hobby and my occupation. Of course, I like both of playing a game and developing a game, as well as other developers. However, the present video game development is difficult for personal hobby. Therefore, in my home, I use time to pursue a technology, for getting more important part in my office.

Open source is my good hobby. I can publish various things and can learn something from open source. The public domain licence result never dies, so I often publish my results with the public domain licence. Basically, I do something around the projects related to my occupation, except XOOPS Cube.

XOOPS Cube is a web application and special case for me. Why do I write code in a web application project? XOOPS Cube was forked, but it didn't have the leader who writes code and works than other members. So I began to write code in the project with learning PHP program language. By that, XOOPS Cube's design is very interesting. It seems the game engine like OGRE. XOOPS Cube is pure open source project, so you can join the project every time.

Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. My favorite team is Hiroshima Toyo Carp, which is my local baseball team (I came from Hiroshima). Carp is only one citizen baseball team in Japan. This team was made for citizen to reconstruct their mind from atomic bomb's damage. For 50 years, the team does not have much money, and is not strong. But, Carp was winner for a long time while I was a boy. When Carp has a baseball game in Tokyo at weekend, I go to cheer my Carp every time.