Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Various Open-Source Style

I had loved open source mind a long time ago. But, these years, I have gotten some doubts for open source around me. Yesterday, I had time to talk about it with my co-workers. My office doesn't have any interests for open source, but we have the same exciting experience on open source. That's Doom, and Quake! The GPL edition of them is true open source on my memory, and my origin. Maybe, many users in open source deny it completely. This sense of value may be the cause that I'm incompatible with XOOPS Japan community. But active users will express understanding of why I found it from Quake.

Around XOOPS community in Japan, there is a discussion what open source is. Open source is just a concept of the licence. But, about constructions of its mind, many people has different opinions.

Because I was a newcomer in open source, I had not kept my opinion for this discussion. And, some people in Japan open source community has coached me about conventions of open source. What's interesting that all of conventions they told were different from each others. This is meaning that there are not unified agreements except licence. Open source is just licence, not the collection of action rules which chains active users.

I don't like an discussion about constructions without actions. That's a kind of simulation and an academic activity. The reason which I have joined in open source is not that I hope to attend a debate class instead of university. To only discuss sports, nobody joins in a sports club. I have joined in this world to do something. So I don't hope to discussion in armchair theory. I had believed that men with big mouth is hated by everybody under Japan culture. But, I am in minority side in XOOPS Cube Japan for some reason...

Therefore I expect the international community and want to use English well.

I don't hate Japan. But, I don't match with it for open source.

What is the best open source project for me? About it, I should quote gcc as a model answer. But, that is not my true opinion. Undoubtedly, the best open source project for me is "Quake2". I can't forget the event that i.d. software made it general public. It was exciting event. I was crazed with changing source code and getting custom Quake changed by others. That was just freedom, and the freedom had been filled by commons' activities. The world was beautiful and exciting.

That experience is my origin in open source. I hope that XOOPS Cube is the place for not an easy life but exciting. My opinion will be hated by some Japanese who want to do roles given. However, I think that open source doesn't fill their hopes. Open source is freedom of mind which is given by the licence. That's not a sub set of proprietary software. Therefore I want to move the project from Japan to the international group, because I believe that there are many active people in foreign countries.

I don't hate to have a discussion about open source. But, it's useless time for me that we have only a discussion without actual actions. I can't understand why many users like a discussion than actual actions.

By the way, GPL Quake didn't have the central. Of course, it's nonsense to compare XOOPS with Quake. But, open source is not sub set of proprietary software. When you get to the core of open source, you get at 'freedom'. My question is that opponent on this opinion does nothing with big mouth which quotes examples of other places.

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