Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good bye 2006 & JP Official Site

Happy New Year! And, I've said good bye to 2006 and JP Official Site. got new moderators and stopped being an official site. It is an important advance, because Japanese users got free of the obsession. Everybody can act under own belief without considering what an official site is.

You may think that Japanese never act. Beyond question, seems an unactivity group which consists of users with requests without actions. Japanese are animals which have a habit of hammering down the nail that sticks out. So nobody wants to be the nail that sticks out, in this country. But, active users understood the reduction plan of, and began many projects. I've listed some of them here.

Some users who love centralism warn that XOOPS Cube will die out. They want to try whether they are able to control the community as well as other famous open source projects. Very well. They got free to test own political ability without the dev team. Any value judgments are there without any permissions. Act under your belief.

Even if XOOPS Cube will die out in the future in Japan, I think it's all right. Because the history consists of actions of people. The only thing we can do is receiving the result of our actions. NOT-ACTION equals NO-WISH.

XOOPS Cube is not the country, the government, the earth and the universe. In other words, this is not required for people's life. Therefore, in diable XOOPS Cube, we can test whether we are frontiers who act to realize own dream and share it. We can test whether we are truly human.

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