Saturday, December 16, 2006

5 minutes episode

There was Mr. Shorshin. He went to Well Mart and looked at the pot noodles. The label of this food says "you can cook this in just 5 minutes" and its price tag is "just $1.00". Shorshin bought this food, then he tried to cook it at his home.

But he did not keep hot water which is needed to cook the pot noodles. In addition, he did not have a kettle to boil water. He returned to the shop and bought the kettle with $20.00 in more 30 minutes.

The pot noodle was cooked. But, because he didn't have a fork, he was not able to eat the noodle. He got angry, returned to Well Mart and scream about the false labeling of this food to a clerk.

Shorshin: This label says I can cook it in just 5 minutes. But it's impossible to cook it in just 5 minutes without hot water!

The clerk: Read the label carefully, sir. It's "you can cook this in just 5 minutes with adding hot water", sir.

Shorshin: But, 5 minutes! 5 minutes! "5" is the strongly red color. So nobody read such required! And the cashier didn't give a fork to me, so I couldn't eat this noodle!

The clerk: A fork? What are you saying, sir?

Shorshin: This label says "you can cook this in just 5 minutes". In other words, everyone can do anything easily! But the cashier didn't give a fork to me, so I did not eat this noodle! This is the false labeling!

The clerk: Wait, wait..., this label doesn't say "everyone can do anything easily", sir. This label says about cooking time in the case where hot water has been prepared.

Shorshin: But, 5 minutes! 5 minutes! "5" is the strongly red color! By this sentence, beginner cooks expect "I can do everything easily".

The clerk: I expect you restart your life from junior school, sir.

Shorshin: In addition, this price tag is "just $1.00". But I had to pay more $21.00 to get the kettle and the fork! I must say that this is the false labeling.

The clerk: .....

Shorshin: I will tell this false labeling to the police.

The clerk: May I call the police, sir?

Japanese community will remove the welcome message showing "You can start your portal site like in 5 minutes, if you have PHP and MySQL environment". The reason is that users misunderstand that it's possible to do anything.

This message was made by other peoples before Cube, but I have suggested keeping this message until Cube release. Because..., I want to believe that Japan is one of advanced nations which attain the highest educational standard and high rate of literacy.

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