Monday, November 20, 2006

UTF-8 Language Manager for Legacy System (1)

I've developed the common UTF-8 Language Manager for Legacy System 2.1. You can download this module form the download page. This is still the test version. And, you must install with the special method, because the action-filter of this module has to work earlier than module preload. But, it's very easy.

Step1... Confirm precondition

This module offers Utf8LangMgr_LanguageManager as UTF-8 encoder to your site. But, this module doesn't give any effects to the installer. Therefore, you must create UTF-8 database tables yourself. However, you don't need to convert language files of each modules.

Step2... Put the module

Put this module's directory to /modules as well as other modules.

Step3... Modify your setting

The configuration of Legacy package is written in /settings/site_default.ini.pnp. You must specify preload of this module as primary preload in that file. Because XOOPS Cube has override setting feature, you don't need to modify site_default.ini.php directly. Create site_custom.ini.php in /settings, and write the following.




Complete. Do report your troubles to the thread of forum.


If your site uses multi-byte languages, you must tell charcode to this language manager. Charcode of some languages I know is contained to primary preload of this module. But, if it's not solved automatically, you must add descriptions to site_custom.ini.php.


Settings in this file are applied to this language manager earlier than automatic solutions.

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