Tuesday, November 28, 2006

C# Possibility for game development

At the present day, most of game developers have to use C++ or C (and a little assembly, shader). These languages are very powerful, C++ is productive enough, so we have no problem.

But, I had wanted other languages for holiday. Any game developers want to develop their own game, but it seems impossible. Because game development needs much time. Most of developers hope to sleep than their own game development on holiday.

For the purpose, I needed some light-weight program languages to develop minimum arcade games. They are rapid game development languages for only holiday. I tried HSP, Python, Ruby, Java and some scripts of game engines. (I used Java for game in the company only once, but I want to use Java for it no more)

After that manner, I had tried many languages, but I got the same result every time. It is that C++ is the most productive language for game development over the world. So I started to check the boost library and OGRE.

After that, I met Managed DirectX and C# 2.0. Managed DirectX is the managed library edition of DirectX. C# 2.0 is extended C# having Generics feature. I thought these are the best answer at the present days. Now, microsoft provides the XNA framework and XNA studio which are .NET products tuned for game development.

C# is the low-performances. Like C# and Java, the languages with GC feature have no aptitude for the real-time processing. When I had the first contact with XNA, I thought that XNA and C# have overcame problems of GC with some ways. But, XNA is very low-performance after all.

However..., I and other developers have the same conclusion of it. The conclusion is that we should be GPU supremacist. On GPU processing, C++ and C# don't have different performances. Ideas that GPU can calculate physics and more are on some books. It may be no productive way...

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