Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cube Legacy in the final stage!

I have been unexpectedly busy for these few weeks. I haven't gone home, and kept on work. My mates in the project team are busy as with me. By that, the project team came to have to publish the delay on the schedule, again. But, I have a good news also. It's that XOOPS Cube Legacy got many bug fixes, because many hot users have tried to check and review for these few weeks. And, some developers of the team who has finished their works, became able to come back to the 2.1 development schedule. Because checking the module compatibility needs really many steps, I have been unable to check all of reports about the compatibility. But, we will become able about that.

The current development status is in a final stage as described in this post.

XOOPS Cube Legacy consists of XOOPS Cube layer and Legacy modules. And, Legacy doesn't use all of XOOPS Cube features. Therefore, I had to develop another base module which isn't Legacy for testing the design of XOOPS Cube layer. As you know, that's Shade. I have decided main spec which the project team couldn't try in Legacy, in Shade. Those are Context, Identity, Principal, Role, Service and many changes. But, Legacy module is keeping older XOOPS Cube layer than Shade, for our test process. If XOOPS Cube layer in Legacy is updated anytime, it's very difficult to find the cause of the bug. For that, XOOPS Cube layer in Legacy is fixed for a moment. Meanwhile, XOOPS Cube layer in Shade is updated many times. In other words, the project team is going ahead with two projects which are Legacy and Shade now.

Perhaps, merging the latest Cube and Legacy will bring many problems. Therefore, we have to fix all of bugs in Legacy until Cube and Legacy will be merged.

Our active goal is Legacy 2.1.0. This version may not be able to emulate all of functions of XOOPS2. For example, we can't do preview in the custom blocks... That's no good. But, the future version of Legacy will be implemented it. In other words, none fatal problems are ToDo for the next version. Fatal problems in Legacy for us are the following:
  • No run.
  • No compatibility.
  • No helps.
For the first release, we have to check these three points. Let's test Alpha together.

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