Monday, September 25, 2006

Alpha5 is available

XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Alpha 5 is available now. Alpha 5 includes many bug fixes and new ported features which I had forgotten to develop until Alpha 4. Those features are XoopsForm templates, much better cache mechanism and full-spec(?) user search. These new ported features are important, but many fixes are more important. These fixes were reported by many testers. Thanks my friends!

We'll have to develop Alpha 5-a, because some problems is there. But nothing stops the progress of Beta. The project team already has new XCube namespace for Legacy. Even if Alpha 5 branch will be developed, we'll go forward on Beta branch.

BTW, when I used Gmail at lunchtime, gigamaster talked to me by the google talk. That's nice experience. We talked about the permission management of XOOPS Cube Legacy. Japan was just lunchtime, his country was morning time. Because my boss called me, I couldn't say good-bye to him well. But, I had a great time.

Since XOOPS Cube is forked, I began to have to learn English. My English is very poor, but that's the biggest benefit of XOOPS Cube for me. But, my blog in Japanese became a bad quality, because my blog in Japanese is just a machine translation.

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