Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carp VS Dragons (2)

I watched a baseball game in Hiroshima Citizen Stadium, last night. The game is Carp VS Dragons. My friends also came to the stadium, with his parents. Yesterday's game was really nice game. Many players made many chances, and excellent players saved these well with big play. There were such offense and defence many times. Lastly, Carp won!


Mickey is the first dog in a history of Japan. He is a member of Carp, and receives many baseball funs' love. I saw Micky was walking before I entered the stadium, by chance.

He had finished his work perfectly. Very cute! But, in the fact, he is from police dog. Bowhow!

Big Jet Balloon

Baseball fans in Japan can use Jet Ballon in some stadiums which give approval:

But, I watched a strange balloon:

What is that!?

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