Saturday, July 15, 2006

Yokohama Monster Ball

Sorry I took in a baseball game, in the Yokohama stadium. And, I saw the monster ball before the game.

Excuse me, what is that? I had never seen the monster until now. When I came to this stadium in May, the monster didn't show up.

It seems that he is at outs with the black bear who is also the mascot. They always fight. I think that the black bear might be stronger than the ball monster because the bear can punch and kick. The ball monster can do dance only... But, they gave as good as one gets.

In the half time, the dance team had been dancing for supporters. But, the ball monster and the black bear had been fighting around the dance team...

Look at that! That's the sitting style. It's just a big ball...

The Maeda in the training time:

He and Arai and Kurihara played good! They got 3 scores from 2 outs with their combination. At the end part of this game, The Maeda was given an intentional walk, because he was more excellent than usual. But, Carp lost..

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