Wednesday, July 5, 2006

VS.PHP (1) - Intellisence

This entry is the remix of old entry which I wrote September 24. 2005.

I heard a tool of VS.PHP from Tom formerly. I tested it for a while and got the best conclusion.

"This is development environment most superior for PHP"

I had been continuing looking for the best PHP IDE all the time. I don't like Microsoft, but evaluate VisualStudio highly. My life cannot miss VisualStudio and CodeWarrior. VS.PHP is plug-in for VisualStudio, which has power to be able to sting a programmer happily.


I had wanted a supporting function such as "intellisense" of .NET. However, I could not get such function in various IDE. Both Eclipse and Peggy aren't enough for my hope. But, VS.PHP realizes true "intellisence". That's really exciting!

function foo($name,$description)


Nobody will think to want to type all "$description". If you use Eclipse3 or Peggy, "Word Supplement" function will help you. However, "intellisense" of VisualStudio helps you in this scope precisely. "intellisense" simplifies "practice of a cord rule". A programmer is not tormented by a name of a long variable. Therefore a name of a variable and a name of a property are always appropriate.


You should know one more. "Intellisense" of VS.PHP is higher-speed than "Intellisense" of C/C++. Perhaps quantity of a library is related to this phenomenon. Plus, the reason is that Intellisence of VS.PHP works automatically without CTRL+SPACE. "intellisense" of VS.PHP does not help PHP only. You can watch its high-power in here. When you have finished watching this, you will get impossible to endure excitement to programing.

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