Sunday, June 11, 2006

Interactive Deformable Modeling Framework

DefColStudio was published at SIGGRAPH in 2005. This is Interactive Deformable Modeling Framework. In the demo application, we can pick up the model, wave it and hit another model by the model. It's very interesting.

This demo application was developed by Bruno Heidelberger to explain his research. It uses CEGUI for interface, OpenGL and OGRE for rendering. So this demo is one of results which is made by OGRE. What we should pay attention to is that a academic who has enough programing skill selected OGRE, to explain CG technology. In other words, OGRE has enough library and enough toolkits for prototype already.

Bruno is a research assistant at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and works at AGEIA. AGEIA became popular by PhysX recently. His profile explain that he works on next generation game physics at AGEIA. PhysX made by AGEIA is the special board that realizes next generation game physics. Perhaps he might be a member in PhysX development team.

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