Thursday, May 25, 2006

Third Way

XOOPS Cube Developers Ring is Third Way in XOOPS. Xoops official is centralism. And, they have established the XOOPS foundation. XOOPS Cube official is trying to smash the hierarchical world and the differences between official and 3rd party. Nobody wants to enjoy political issue in open source. And, we don't want to use our time to establish the foundation or NPO.

Our dream is that users build some base XOOPS user group sites and connect each other. "Is it Oficcial? Or, is it Unofficial?". It doesn't have such sense. Or, users will decide the official site for own. For example, GIJOE came to stop visiting the official site of XOOPS and Cube. But, he has taken a part in Xoops User Group Japan that Mr,fabi and his friends built.

XC Dev Ring is different than the official and user groups. It's difficult to keep developers to one site. This is the challenge that friends connect each other independently of XOOPS and XOOPS Cube. And, it has been started by minahito (me) who is one of XOOPS users. Therefore, that isn't the oficcial and the unofficial. If my behavior is bad, other members delete the link to me. And, the ring will be kept even after I'll leave from XOOPS Cube.

BTW, XC Dev Ring "JP" and XC Dev Ring "EN" are different. "JP" has 8 Japanese members. "EN" has 2 Japanese members who write English. Because Dev Ring isn't technical mechanism, anybody can build the same Ring in his country or his language. Of course, if you write in English, I and GIJOE welcome you to English Ring. Or, you may build new friend ring.

Half-baked rule

  • Members have to publish RSS and on blog or news.
  • Write topics of development sometime.
  • Next member has to receive the RSS of previous member.
  • First member has to receive the RSS of last member for ring structure.

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