Saturday, May 13, 2006

Change of curved surface modeling

The latest issue of CG WORLD introduces the method of curved surface modeling. At the opening of that article, the history over the curved surface is explained:

  1. Polygon is the most popular method. But, modeling by polygon has the weak point that flood of data is generated when making complex geometry.
  2. In contrast, the free-form curve is small size of data. But, it needs CPU load for calculation. And, it's complex and difficult to use. It was popular for a period of time.
  3. Although the method of polygon has weak point for complex geometry, it is almost always used for curved surface, because the recent computers are powerful.

Then, that article gives the tutorial that uses MAYA, 3ds MAX, XSI and LightWave. All of these tutorials use curved surface (Sprain). The curve tools of these applications are very good. But, where is Shade? Shade has implemented the curved surface only, since the spec of computer was low. It has a lot of weak point, but I think CG WORLD should have a respect for Shade. I feel sorry about Shade.

I have always liked the method of curved surface. I want to handle it in the real-time processing. It's difficult for a while.

The most of the next generation game console has the function to use spline curve directly. But, I saw that the curve of road consists of the polygon at the race game of XBOX 360. Anybody may not be able to use the spline nicely because the spline at the real-time processing is too difficult for calculation. Maybe the subdivision surface is better for the real-time processing than the spline.

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