Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baseball game Internet Live

There is some LIVE baseball online services in Japan. Games of Hiroshima Toyo Carp that is my favorite baseball club is not broadcasted enough to Tokyo I'm living. Therefore, I use LIVE baseball online.

I often use LIVE service of It is the simple HTML page that shows the scoreboard that is automatically updated. When I watch games by Yahoo, Carp often wins. But, the simple page doesn't excite me. I use it inside of business hours, because I can't shout.

One day, I tried to use LIVE service of Goo. The service shows animation LIVE by FLASH application. That's very exciting!

We can watch the movement of position players and batted ball:

And we can click menus to look at the data of players and the scoreboard of other games anytime. But...

Finally, Carp lost. I decided never to visit this service.

Next, I watched CARP vs Tohoku Rakuten Eagles by the Internet broadcasting. Rakuten is famous IT company in Japan. They broadcasts games of their baseball club. I could enjoy watching LIVE and the online scoreboard. But...

Carp lost (massacre!). I decided never to visit this service. I return to Yahoo...

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