Monday, May 29, 2006

XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Distribution Diagram

XOOPS Cube 2.1 Alpha 3 will be coming soon. Most features of all XOOPS2 features except notifications are emulated by Legacy modules. Some features are implemented by Delegate.

For example, backend.php was deleted once. The old backend depends on the news module. But, the news module has removed from XC 2.1 package. Therefore, backend isn't effective for any things. And so, it was written again with Delegate. RSS functions of modules can be added on by 1 File Hacking or the default preload of the module. You can understand new backend.php since you know Preload mechanism and Delegate mechanism.

BTW, do you know that XOOPS Cube doesn't fork from XOOPS? We started programming from zero:

Official documents had wrong contents. We explained that XOOPS 2.0.x series were included to XOOPS Cube. But, it is wrong. When we launched and, we replaced "XOOPS" with "XOOPS Cube" in the homepage. It is why official documents had wrong contents.

The fact is shown by this dialog. XOOPS Cube is new fields. Legacy modules work in XOOPS Cube, include some old files of XOOPS2 JP, emulate XOOPS2 JP. We will break with Legacy in the future. Next XOOPS Cube new base package will not include the code of XOOPS2.

Official documents have been modified to right explanations now.

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