Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Core Team was Dead (2)

Don't worry. The previous entry doesn't mean that XOOPS Cube development is not continued. The entry was written for Japanese users. I write the same content in both of Japanese and English, so I had to write the English edition. However, you understand the meaning of freedom, so don't need to worry about the content of the previous entry.

Open source developers have not obligation but duty. Therefore, open source developers will (not "should") continue to write code!

The core team is volunteers. "The core team was dead" is meaning that old members became inactive. Do you think that the core team should get new members? I thought we don't need to keep the definition of the core team. Because that's nonsense! We don't need to use such word. And now, the word "core team" is not here. XOOPS Cube development progresses by "current active volunteers".

xoops.org is reconstructed by new members. They may be new authority. That's not wrong and is a kind of open source projects. But I hate such direction. I think that chosen members are not must for open source. We need active volunteers. Hierarchy is not needed. We don't need use the special word like "core team".

If you want to call something "core team" , the current active volunteers are true "core team"!

The XOOPS Cube development progresses by current active volunteers, not the listed members as the core team member. If the XOOPS Cube project doesn't have enough volunteers, the project will be dead. That's the destiny of all open source projects. But, you will see many volunteers' name in XCL 2.1.2.

Because developers don't use time to control communities, our development will be rapid than core team style.

But, many Japanese users don't understand this style, so I wrote the previous entry. I say again "Don't worry".


Gigamaster said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks Minahito, this is interessant idea and the long long time i sharing this thought.

Sorry my bad english.