Monday, October 29, 2007

XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 Report

Yesterday, the XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting gathered many contributors. We discussed about the feature of XOOPS Cube and decided to begin working for actual comeout.

Section 1

Section 1 was learning time. I explained typical OSS project by using samples --- the OGRE project. After that, I compared XOOPS Cube project with the OGRE project. XOOPS Cube project is "anarchy" than the OGRE project, but the OGRE project governs developers for great development.

XC project is based on the OGRE project system after removing governance rules, but it isn't known well. Documents aren't enough, or documents aren't known.

Contributors wrote on problems to their note for the next discussion.

Section 2

Section 2 was discussion time & group work. We made 4 squads to discuss by 4 people. Each squad discussed about Section 1, list tasks and assign members to tasks. After that, we did general discussions by using each conclusion.
In this section, first, we decided many tasks about Wiki documations mainly --- Developer's manual, Tutorials, Multilingual, User Community Documents and Translations. Second, "XOOPS User Group Japan" has been defined as a kind of end user communities. That's an important decision. Third, we decided to try to open IRC channel as test. I don't know whether we should keep IRC. But there is the worth we'll try.

Section 3

Section 3 is technical time. GIJOE gave a presentation about two new features that bring useful template uses to us. One of them is "Custom Template". Another one is "New Template Override Method".

Technical talk is very interesting. A such talk will be main after the next meeting.

After that, we had Beer Time as Section Ex!

Where are Japanese developers in?

I felt this problem. is in English, and XUGJ & are a user community. If developers are not a user, any discussion spaces for Japanese developers don't exist. We have another problem that Japanese developers don't visit to .org, but this is also one of problems. I think that someone in Japan will make a such place as like other Japanese open source community.

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Gigamaster said...

This is a really good news. I'm very trustful about the future of XOOPS Cube Legacy and its unique open source environment.

Thanks for your efforts to make the project evolve. It's being a great human adventure ^^