Thursday, March 1, 2007

Mailjob feature reports errors

When XOOPS Cube community tried to review XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Beta, some users requested error reports for failure of sending mail. The dev team added a function for this request, and it works on Beta and RC. But, this function is not known well, because the function is activated when a user encounters sad troubles. I'll introduce this function with screenshots, today.

At the beginning, you should understand "retry" feature. A mailjob has the plural users to the list, sends a mail to the front user of them, and removes him from the list. And, a mailjob keeps doing it until the list become an empty or PHP 30 seconds rule stops a program.

If it's impossible to send a mail to a user, a mailjob has to keep him on the list. But, because the administrator has to check his address and more, the current loop never processes him again. And so, a mailjob feature increases the retry number.

In addition, messages which XOOPS Multi Mailer class reports are recorded to the message field of users on the list. It isn't sure that these messages is the true cause of the trouble. But, in most cases, these messages give hints to the administrator to solve troubles.

After the administrator removes the cause or trouble users, he can retry sending mails.

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